Portada Island Life documental

An expedition around the world with Anna Traveset

A documentary by Joan Bover


«Beautiful things do not seek to attract attention»

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Documental Island Life


Documentary film about Anna Traveset's expeditions to islands around the world, to carry out the most important scientific project of her life.

Projecte cientific

Scientific project

Anna Traveset's study seeks to reveal the biodiversity of small island ecosystems in order to understand their complexity and assess their fragility in the face of global change factors.

Anna Traveset

Anna Traveset

Researcher at the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies – IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) and institutional representative of the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) in the Balearic Islands.


Next stop:
Svalbard - Storholmen

Lipari - Stromboli

Expedition 2 to 7 july (2023)
Lipari, Italy
Flag of Italy

Isla Graciosa - Montaña Clara

Expedition 18 to 25 september (2023)
Canary Islands, Spain
Flag of Spain

Santa Cruz - Daphne Mayor

Expedition 4 to 15 november (2023)
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Flag of Ecuador

Fregate - Aride

Expedition 18 january to 03 february (2024)
Aride, Seychelles
Flag of Seychelles

Cabrera - Na Redona

Expedition 4 to 6 april (2024)
Balearic Islands, Spain
Flag of Spain

Svalbard - Storholmen

Expedition 7 to 21 july (2024)
Storholmen, Norway
Flag of Norway